‘What If Now, We All Change?’ is the profound single from folky bedroom-pop outfit Almahata

In certain weeks, themes coincidentally pop up here at Unrecorded in the songs we review. It’s during those times that we sense the connectivity of the world a little more, which could be verging on ironic in this instance because the topic that’s been cropping this week is one of isolation throughout the covid-19 pandemic. Earlier this week, we heard the experience of Dubai singer-songwriter Jonathan Lobo and now a similar story of retrospection, introspection and potential growth arises again from UK project Almahata in their new single ‘What If Now, We All Change?’

The song was started during the first UK lockdown back in April 2020 and finished during the second one in November 2020; this single tracks of one’s contrasting emotions through seemingly impossible times. Take the profound opening line as an example, “I don’t mind being lonely, so why do I mind being alone?” This rhetorical question, delicately laid out over a richly reverberated piano, is one of many that go unanswered through this indie-folk meets bedroom-pop song, because while Almahata wonder whether society will be forever changed after these recent years, the future is really unknown.

When this warm and winding track comes to an end, we’re left with a lingering feeling of wonder, a little melancholic, a little hopeful.

You can also find ‘What If Now, We All Change?’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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