Long-distance collaborators Frankie Furm & Griffin Stone drop ‘BABY BLUE’

Frankie Furm and Griffin Stone have stretched their digital hands across the span of North America to find a common ground in music, releasing new single ‘BABY BLUE’.

With producer Furm in Brooklyn, New York and singer-songwriter Stone in Los Angeles, California, the pair have had to get creative with the ways in which they collaborate. As a result, you’ll hear an inviting mix of pre-record strings and simulated beats, mixed in with a lively production that gives the whole thing a lo-fi jazzy tint.

Just as Stone recalls: “When we were first making it we just took turns getting each other out of our seats excited from ideas. The collaborative energy was really addicting.”

You especially can’t escape the thick bassline, like Furm says, “BABY BLUE is the head-nodder for me. Of all the songs on the new EP, it’s the one where I could just listen to that chorus loop over and over again. It also came about at a time when I started really getting into house music, so to be able to semi-successfully incorporate some of that influence into the track is really validating for me.” 

If ‘BABY BLUE’ is ticking all the right boxes for you, then keep an eye out for the duo’s upcoming EP, which will have a physical copy complete with lyric booklet available on Bandcamp.

Check it out in our Soul & Grooves playlist.

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