UncleBoy’s dreamy ‘SO SO BAD’ sure does help that medicine go down

The thing that first struck us about UncleBoy‘s new single ‘SO SO BAD’ were some of the similarities that it holds with quintessential 80’s new wave pop. Think about those drawn-out vocal expressions and permeating synth notes. It’s also significant that the retro decade we’re using for reference was one of deep struggle, financial difficulty, political austerity and also human endurance, and yet it also produced some of the most upbeat and eccentric pop music ever created.

Our current era draws an uncanny parallel to that not-so-distant past, complete with pop bangers appearing left, right and centre. Reflecting on today’s various issues and how they inspired ‘SO SO BAD’, UncleBoy shares, “Thematically spanning from the global apocalyptic climate crisis, to the introspective contemplation of the unprecedented loneliness, failure, separation, and other anxieties we collectively experience in modern times; whilst sugaring the pill with a warm irreverent humour and flippancy.”

UncleBoy readily plies the listener with spoonfuls of sugar in this dreamy composition, which utilises fluid retro synths and a melodic bass line to keep the whole thing gently moving forwards. The balmy textures make the bitter news “that you can’t have it”, repeated over and over, sound like a sweet lullaby of rejection that you had in fact asked for. By the end, you forgot what it was you even wanted and willingly allow yourself to be washed out with the stream of guitars and synths.

‘SO SO BAD’ is the sophomore single from UncleBoy’s upcoming second album, Blue Forever Blue, to be released in Spring 2022.

Find ‘SO SO BAD’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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