Pop singer-songwriter sautereau explores possibilities in ‘what if’

What If’ is the romantic new single from Swiss singer-songwriter sautereau, who first started writing this on a guitar in her Manhattan apartment. As such, the riveting pop track shows an outsider’s appreciation for the city of New York and all the experiences, opportunities and people that you have within your midst in the bustling metropolis.

Inspired by that lightening-strike moment of when you hit it off with someone the very first time that you meet them, sautereau elaborates the meaning behind her new song:

“what if” is an ode to feeling like you’re on the same wavelength as the person you’re with, more so than you thought you could be. It’s about evoking new experiences and discovery, but also an ode to New York City and its little wonders that we often overlook.”

Throughout the song, sautereau asks “what if I could see you tonight?” in her lilting vocal and we begin to wonder whether the “you” is a possible lover or the city itself; that if she just stepped out of her front door, she could be swept up in the magic and energy of NYC. This sense of wonder is conveyed through the playful acoustic guitar, joyful handclaps and upbeat percussion with sautereau‘s dynamic pop voice right throughout ‘What If’.

Find ‘What If ‘ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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