For Beyond Music, Y the Ghost, Kate Northrop & Elisa Giannina van de Berg create the beautifully profound ‘Find Us’

‘Find Us’ is quite the unique release that took international collaboration and legendary intervention for it to come into being. It all started when Jacoby Elliott (aka Y the Ghost) received an email from Switzerland’s Beyond Music initiative, which was co-found by Tina Turner and Regula Curti, to invite him to take part in this year’s album creation. Each album is built around a theme and this year it’s conflict. After flying out there from Denver in Colorado, Elliott began writing with Kate Northrop (Switzerland) and Elisa Giannina van den Berg (Italy/Netherlands/Switzerland) and together they made something truly profound and beautiful.

Reflecting on the significance of ‘Find Us’, Regula Curti (Founder & Konstanze Wiedemann, CEO Beyond Music) shares:

“Jacoby, Kate and Elisa have created a song that could not have better expressed the essence of Beyond Music. ‘Find us, beyond heavy weapons, meet us there, we’ll be waiting’ Jacoby sings over a slowly rising wave of synthesizers, while Kate tenderly plucks her harp. Beyond – that’s where we want to transport the listener with Beyond Music. Beyond isolation and exclusion, where music ultimately unfolds its power of unification. This place is Beyond Music, and ‘Find Us (Beyond)’ soundtracks this notion magnificently.”

As it turns out, ‘Find Us’ won’t be included in Beyond Music‘s album this year, but they’ve decided to release it as a standalone single with the delicate lyric video that you can watch below as a representation of what the project is all about.

For us, we enjoyed this rack simply because the sweeping indie melodies and heartfelt lyrics gave us a real sense of peace, particularly in the serene introduction with sparkling synths, intermittent harp and resplendent EQ sweep. After the first minute, the song then blossoms into an intricately layered world music composition evoking optimism and hope. We also really love Y the Ghost‘s expressive vocals that seamlessly blend into this aggregated production.

You can explore ‘Find Us’ and many more upbeat tracks in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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