Don’t miss the addictive Spanglish anthem ‘Hey Americana’ from queer artist Eva Westphal

Gen Z driven platforms like TikTok have introduced us to some of the greatest hits of the past few years and joining that league of legends is ‘Hey Americana’ from New York newcomer Eva Westphal. Now released as a full single, this English and Spanish language track is not only a loveable indie-pop anthem, but it also drives to heart an important issue.

It’s about the uncomfortable and unwanted flirting that had been directed at Westphal and her previous girlfriend at bars. As the artist further explains:

“I feel like getting hit on by men is a universal experience for all queer women, and I’m no exception. So I wrote this song about it, trying to make light of that specific interaction. In the end, I’m just grateful for the experience that inspired it, and I’m excited to put out my first song with Spanish in it!”

It’s actually that infectious pop hook of a chorus that contains the crux of the song, as you’ll hear in the lyrics, “Hey Americana, chica bella, como te llamas?” (Hey American girl, beautiful, what’s your
name?) and “Hey Americana, te vi de lejos y tuve ganas” (Hey American girl, I saw you from afar and
wanted you). Over sparkling synths and slapping percussion, Westphal‘s reaction is to push that stranger away and leave the bar (of course). By contrasting this uninvited intrusion into their relationship with such a light and airy chorus, the artist takes away any semblance of power that these entitled men felt in that moment.

We also love those sweet verses over synth keys and open guitar in which Westphal reflects on that short-and-sweet love connection, because really ‘Hey Americana’ is about a queer relationship and all the positive times outweighing the negative.

Check out ‘Hey Americana’ and plenty more anthems in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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