Michael Sanders’ longs for youth in psych-rock ballad ‘Miss Lady’

We’ve been reveling in this week’s theme of relationships in retrospect with Eva Westphal’s ‘Hey Americana’ and Johnny Kulo’s ‘Poseidon’ already leading the way. Adding to this budding playlist is Michael Sanders‘Miss Lady’, a melodic indie-rock tale of lost love and imagined resolution.

Here, the Texas musician explains: “This song was originally written for a romantic love interest I was trying to win over. Our first date was a walk in a cemetery (Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn). The original chorus was much happier and optimistic though. We ended up dating for about a year and it was beautiful but then for whatever reasons went our separate ways. I rewrote the chorus to be what it is now, a bit darker and ironic. I basically imagined that we might return to the place where it all began (a cemetery) to put it to bed for good.”

On the whole, ‘Miss Lady’ is a sauntering psych-rock single built on a groovey bass line, laidback percussion and cosmic synths. In a way, the lax tempo replicates that first date, strolling through the cemetery without a care in the world, but Sanders‘ vocal emanates a melancholic and nostalgic tone. His expression change by the passage of time and loss of this love.

This also ties into Michael Sanders‘ upcoming album, While I’m Still Young, which will be about losing one’s youth to the pandemic and perhaps bittersweet flings like that in ‘Miss Lady’ only belong in his past. It’s a sobering thought which gives this funky indie ballad another perspective.

Check out ‘Miss Lady’ in our diverse Outsiders Club playlist.

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