Delujn’s ‘Ride In Chains’ is a psych-rock break from limitations

Founded by Canadian multi-instrumentalist John Sklove, Delujn is the psychedelic-rock project inspired by musical greats like Cat Power, Sebastien Tellier, JJ Cale, Beach House and Echo & the Bunnymen. You can hear that convergence of new and old styles in Delujn‘s latest single ‘Ride In Chains’. It’s a synth-forward dreamscape punctuated by retro beats and exaggerated, reverberated vocals. Not only is it this distinct sound that caught our attention, but it’s also the unique narrative presented within this six and a half minute wonder.

“‘Ride In Chains’ was written about the dissolution of a close group of friends, the betrayal, and the ennui that comes with escaping a cult like atmosphere,” shares Sklove.

As such, this track gives you an insight into one mind of someone breaking free from such a group, although their confusion and turmoil is mixed in with the hazy production and layered synths, keyboards, polychrome guitars and thrashing percussion. It’s a break from delusion, but that doesn’t mean the return to reality is an easy path; it’s a rattling, unsteady journey reflected throughout the unpredictable textures of ‘Ride In Chains’.

As recommended by Sklove himself, this is a classic driving track, ideal for transforming even the most mundane of travels into a cinematic adventure.

You can also find ‘Ride In Chains’ in our diverse Outsiders Club playlist.

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