Adria Kain teaches us about patience in album track ‘Only With Time’

We’ve come to associate Canada with excellent R&B, maybe in some other countries, love for the genre has fizzle out, but it’s taken a real stronghold with both independent and major label artists over there. We also notice that R&B musicians have a great respect for the styles that their contemporary sound is built on. For example, we hear soft melodies, delicate acoustic strings, simple bass and staccato beats used to their full advantage in Adria Kain‘s single ‘Only With Time’.

The track features on the newly released When Flowers Bloom LP, which the Toronto-based artist describes for us here:

“When Flowers Bloom tells the story of falling in love after overcoming the loss of oneself through previous experiences in love. It depicts the struggle of a young, masculine presenting woman, who after embarking on a journey of self discovery, attempts to heal her wounds that developed through romantic relationships and the false perceptions that were taught throughout her upbringing. Accountability & vulnerability are the key emotions in this story.”

The whole album is doused with amorous vibes, including this slow-burning ballad ‘Only With Time’. It starts out with spacious beats and tranquil guitar, coated in a hazy production, that sets the laid-back vibe for Kain‘s words of hope. She meaningfully sings, “it can only get better with time”, a mantra that will no doubt bring solace to anyone that hears it. Stretching on for a little over five minutes, layers upon layers of sound build up throughout the song, giving it a resplendent crescendo reflecting Kain‘s full heart. The wall of noise abruptly cuts away for the final 30 seconds, for a return to that delicate introduction before peacefully tapering off.

‘Only With Time’ is a beautiful song and we can totally hear why COLORS picked this one up for a mesmerizing live session.

You can also listen to ‘Only With Time’ in our R&B For Days playlist.

Where to find Adria Kain:




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