Hyooman mock the corporate grind with lofi psych-rock single ‘Month End’

Hailing from Minnesota’s state capital Minneapolis, Hyooman is a relatively new indie project established by songwriter Leng Moua with the pure intention of writing a record with friend, drummer and producer McCoy Seitz. Soon enough, this duo became a fully fledged band thanks to the addition of Tamara Alswager (guitar, vocals), Elise Bremer (keys, vocals) and Dillon Marchus (bass). Hyooman was officially launched in May 2021 with debut single ‘Half Brain’, followed by ‘Kid’ in November, and now the outfit are keeping that steady flow going with third release ‘Month End’.

As with past tracks, the band’s distinctive melange of lo-fi bedroom pop and late 90s/early 00s indie-rock is the heart of ‘Month End’. The continuous psychedelic guitars and marching percussion keeps the listeners nose to the proverbial grindstone that has so inspired the single, like Hyooman explains below:

Month End” refers to the deadlines and demands that usually occur at the end of the month. The song is a caricature of a boss or authority figure who explains what it takes to succeed and make money. I wrote the song out of frustration with the demands that jobs and society make on people in disregard of their wellbeing. It’s an environment that rarely sees people and only looks at numbers and figures.”

This message is most readily captured in the repeated mantra, “timing is everything”, itself supported by a meticulous time signature and yet the voice drilling this ethos is apathetic. It’s the voice of many people forced into the relentless corporate machine.

Extending this weaving lofi parody, the music video, illustrated and animated by Andrew Tomten, depicts Father Time as a capitalist caricature. Of course, the vibrant block colours and tie-dye inspired swirls also perfectly suit the psychedelic aura of ‘Month End’.

You can also listen to ‘Month End’ in our Outsiders Club and Indie Rockers playlists.

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