California’s Adam Brookes presents his refined pop-rock style in ‘Different Times’

Some readers might know Adam Brookes‘ as the primary singer and songwriter San Francisco pop-rock band Dangermaker, but what you might not know is that the Californian also has a solo project. There’s a certain freedom to stepping out on your own musically, which is marked here in new single ‘Different Times’ by the shift in style from Brookes‘ other work.

It’s comparatively minimal and a little more restrained, reflecting the pensive nature of this song which on one level contemplates the passage of time and yet on an even deep level there’s anxiety, doubt and hope around what he has to lose these days. That’s the kicker, the more we accomplish and the more we have stability, the more that fear that it’ll all go away might creep in.

These lyrical themes carry on over into the instrumentation. The ticking of a clock, that relentless passage of time comes through in the the consistent percussion, backed up with spacious and ethereal synth sweeps. You can’t help but groove to the jovial guitars, which compliment Brookes melodic voice and searching words, “I feel it closing in, it’s happening again, I feel the different times.”

‘Different Times’ is the third single to be previewed from his upcoming solo album release.

You can also listen to ‘Different Times’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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