On The Record: Perfectparachutepicture

For those who have never heard of Perfectparachutepicture, who are you and what is your music about?

We’re a noisy two piece alt-rock band from Sheffield and our music is a view on the world from our very limited perspective. We use our tracks as self motivation and an outlet to scream at the people that we wish we could scream at in real life. It’s a cathartic exercise for us to write our tunes and we love to know that people are relating to us when they listen our music. 

You’re part of UK’s varied alternative rock scene, what was it that drew you to that genre?

Our love for heavy, riffy rock music is the basis of our own songs. There’s absolutely nothing better than grooving along to a stonker of a guitar riff, being driven by a thumping drum beat. We wanted this from our own music and we strive to outdo ourselves every time. 

You just released your new single ‘Don’t Bow’, how does that contrast to or compliment your White Walls EP?

”Don’t Bow’ is definitely a slight change in direction from the EP, which, don’t get us wrong, is heavy in places, but ‘Don’t Bow’ is a bit of a thunderbolt that’s been building, waiting for us to write and release. The ‘White Walls’ EP was written during the pandemic, and whilst we didn’t directly base our songs off it, listening back, we can definitely hear the influence of being bored, fed up and trapped in those songs. ‘Don’t Bow’ is the steam being well and truly blown off. It’s opened us back up to new directions and fresh horizons. 

Aside from yourselves, what bands/artists do you think we should we all be keeping tabs on?

The Snayx boys from Brighton are deservedly making waves. Another mint two piece with some scorching tunes.

Now that restrictions are lifting on venues, what would be a dream place for you to perform?

The Park stage at Glastonbury is a bit of a random one but it’s just so fucking cool. Realistically, we think that something like this is a solid goal for us in the next year or two.

Any live shows coming up?

We’re out on tour in April, check out our socials for more details and tickets! We’ve also got some festival slots that we can’t wait to announce, so definitely get over to our socials and check them out.

What’s one thing that you’d like listeners to take away from ‘Don’t Bow’?

Do what you want to make your own existence more bearable, don’t let bastards get you down! Don’t Bow.

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