Golden Vessel, rei so la & Abraham Tilbury collaborate on ‘eee’

Unrecorded regular Golden Vessel, aka the Australian artist Maxwell Byrne, is back with new single and music video ‘eee’, made in collaboration with Brisbane’s rei so la and Perth’s Abraham Tilbury.

‘eee’ stems from an epiphanic moment in 2020, when Golden Vessel was travelling across America and soaking his mind in as many books, podcasts and articles as possible. By the time he reached Flagstaff in Arizona, he realised that only by relinquishing this thirst for knowledge that could could be open to his experiences and the depth and breadth of nature that surrounded him at that time.

Here, Golden Vessel delves deeper into how ‘eee’ came to be:

“eee is a song about spirituality. I wrote it at the start of 2020 when I was rethinking my beliefs and decided to take a road trip across America. I wrote ‘eee’ in the back of my car in Flagstaff, Arizona, which started as a poem about finding connection or meaning within everything. I think I was desperately listening to as many podcasts and reading books/articles as possible, but what was speaking to me the most was being out in nature and taking the time to enjoy my surroundings.”

Check out their self-recorded and filmed video below.

You can also find ‘eee’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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