‘Scars In The Dark’ is the intimate & hypnotic new single from Talii

A trope that we come across time and time again in music is that songwriting is often a process of therapy, particularly for independent artists. For the Orlando-based newcomer Talii, who was born into a family of creatives, it felt like the most natural thing in the world for her to turn hard times into music. Here, she explains the meaning behind new single ‘Scars In The Dark’:

“This song was like therapy for me to write . It was almost like writing a letter of things I wish I said out loud to my ex’s that did me wrong. Like many people, I’ve been through some really shitty relationships in my past . One thing every bad relationship had in common, was even though I would stay longer than I probably should have .. I always got to my breaking point where I woke up and realised I’ve had enough and It’s time to walk away. This is basically that moment in a song.”

Talii has opted for as twilight palette of R&B and pop, complete with neo-soul guitars and a contemporary trap beats. The result is one of sincere intimacy that draws the listener into this songwriter’s precious inner world.

Discover ‘Scars In The Dark’ and many more gems in our R&B For Days playlist.

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