‘Kosmo’ is the second electro-pop anthem from virtual artist Maie

New single ‘Kosmo’ is further proof that so much meticulous work and details has been poured into the Maie project, the virtual apparition of a young Gen Z artist whose search for acceptance in an unfamiliar reality mirrors that of the post-95s Chinese youth. The visual element to ‘Kosmo’ is so enriching, evoking hyper-real computer games set on imagined worlds to a comic-book style animation in a dystopian future. Yet, even though Maie is clearly not a human artist, you can still feel her all-too-human longing to find what it means to be alive, even if that’s artificial intelligence.

These digital worlds are soundtracked by a high-octane production from Pete Nappi, which starts out as snappy synths and jittery beats, while Maie‘s breathy, pop-perfect voice awakens that urge to find an identity, “find me in my dreams, find me, I’m still me.” After a minute, the EDM-inspired heat turns up followed by a searing drop perfectly timed for Maie‘s surrender into the unknown.

Speaking of the unknown, we don’t know what’s next for this virtual being, but we’re really excited to see how the story unfolds.

Listen to ‘Kosmo’ is our Shades of Pop and Electro Feels playlists.

Where to find Maie:



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