On The Record: The Trusted

How would you summarize the essence of your sound?

Its kind of fusion of different guitar indie genres. I guess, on paper we are an indie rock/pop band. Whenever someone asks us to define our sound, its really hard to describe. We take inspiration from everywhere and basically make music we want to hear. I would say our sound is definitely ‘joyous,’ if that means anything.   

Who are some artists/bands that inspire the project?

Our inspirations, come from all over the place. We are all into different bands and artists. I’m really into a lot of seventies music. Artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello have really influenced the way I construct lyrics. Dale on the other hand (Guitarist) takes a lot of inspirations from modern Hip-hop. The Trusted’s influences come from all the place 

The story within your new single ‘Eli’ is really thought-provoking, was there a particular moment that inspired the track?

Most of our songs explore human emotion and our relationship with ‘the mind.’ When we were writing Eli, there I felt there was something quite bleak and melancholy within the music. It made me think about this idea of being stuck in a losing battle with our own temptations. I’ve been wanted to write about that idea for a while and this song leant itself to it musically. 

Has being from and living in Southend-On-Sea have an impact on you as individual musicians and as a band?

Southend has had a major impact on us as musicians. There is something so ‘freeing’ and ‘inspirational’ about leaving near the sea. I think the big expansive openness of water has some sort of effect on your creativity. 

Also, it should be noted that Southend has an incredibly dynamic and diverse music scene. There are so many great artists coming out of this town, its really hard not to feel inspired.

Who are some other great local artists we should be listening to?

There are so many! We recommend, Blab, The Q-Days, Wooden Giraffes, Headbored, For We Are Many, Asylums, Square Wave, Rooskin, Katy For Kings, Sleep Well Beast, In Earnest and San Quentin   

Have there been any big highlights for the band so far?

There have been quite a few! Just before lockdown we played our first proper headline show and that was a big highlight/ moment for us for sure.

What else does The Trusted have planned this year?

We’ve got a ton of new music coming in the next few months as well as shows. Our next headline show is happening on the 8th April at Chinnerys (Southend) and we can’t wait for that.

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