‘Conflicted’ it the quirky-pop introduction to American singer-songwriter Jesse Brady

We’ve all been torn between two emotions or decisions or states of being at one point or another; this may even happen to you today. It’s a very human way of forcing ourselves to hit the pause button for fear of making a mistake, but even when still, we can feel that rumbling chaos inside. This emotional turmoil has been captured in a quirky-pop style by Tennessee-via-Florida singer and songwriter Jesse Brady in her new single ‘Conflicted’.

The song is jam-packed with interesting metaphors and similes that evoke this sense of divergence, such as “no number of stitches could repair the damage” and “keep treading water, like a sinking ship.” We also love the effect the Brady puts on her vocals for the “forwards and backwards” section, in which her voice subtly rises and falls over the off-kilter, bubbling production. At no time does the style of ‘Conflicted’ adhere to convention; it’s flush with alternative synths, playful melodies and vibrant percussion that makes this song spring out of our speakers. Each time we listen to it, we notice a new little detail that brings such a smile to our face.

Jesse Brady is clearly an instinctive songwriter, you only need to read the quote below to understand just how naturally this art form comes to her:

“I found the idea for my song, “Conflicted”, when I was on the phone with my grandmother. We were about my dreams of performing and writing, and I was releasing my first song, “Transformations,” at the time. I wanted to do everything I could to market it well, but I wasn’t sure of how to do so. I had instincts and logic, and I was overwhelmed by both. My grandma told me, “It seems like you’ve got a feeling and a knowledge and they’re kind of criss-crossing.” I was immediately struck by this sentence, and after we said goodbye, I darted to the piano and put her words to melody. The song unfolded over the next few weeks. I picked up my bass, and felt like a rockstar, while singing possible lines over it in hopes to tell a relatable story. After I finished composing the song, I had a clear idea of production in mind. Late one night, when I was at work as a receptionist in an empty apartment building’s lobby, I produced “Conflicted”. As an artist, I enjoy viewing situations from as many different perspectives as possible. I like to imagine where other people are coming from, different sides and points of view. I consider this thought process a strength, but sometimes when I see pros and cons so vividly, decision making can be really hard, especially when emotions are involved.”

And while you’re here, don’t miss ‘Conflicted’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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