Escape into the sweet sounds of ‘Dreaming’ from pop newcomer ELENA

Sink your ears into this pop gem! ‘Dreaming’ from ELENA starts out on the right foot with the 1975-esque guitar line supported by a warm, wavy electro-pop sound that smoothly introduces the London artist’s impressive vocal. Her voice is somewhere between soul, pop and R&B, making its super flexible for this genre-crossing track that’s lifted from ELENA‘s brand new EP, titled Enough Love. As the song progresses, we hear more of ELENA‘s dynamic vocal before she bursts into full energy for that chorus, “I keep dreaming, dreaming, dreaming”, which shows off the young artist’s staunch resilience.

As for who ELENA is, she’s a theatre-trained Londoner who decided to nurture her passion for songwriting full-time in 2021, on the encouragement of friends and family, especially two of her grandparents who sadly passed away in January las year. When she first took herself to the studio, the 21-year-old musician describes that magic moment when everything aligned:

“Just like that it clicked, this was what I was meant to be doing! I know that’s proper cringe and cliche but it really was! Writing was like therapy. Whether I wrote the song overnight or over a few sessions at the studio, getting thoughts onto paper was a complete escape!”

And now we can escape into the sweet sounds of ‘Dreaming’.

Check out ‘Dreaming’ in both our Shades of Pop and R&B For Days playlists.

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