Tottenham’s common goldfish makes debut with nostalgic 90s single ‘Feel The Fuzz’

Clearly, the music gods are sending us all the grooves today. Straight off the back of one funky number and into another, although ‘Feel The Fuzz’ from newcomer common goldfish is firmly rooted in the nostalgic realm of 90s indie-rock. Set against that sturdy bass line reminiscent of Stone Roses, there’s even a Happy Mondays style tambourine shake and that Primal Scream eccentric-meets-chill vibe. common goldfish is pulling out all the stops to pay homage to the bands he loves.

The purposefully hazy style of the track is also designed to portray “the dreamer’s optimism”, as the artist puts it, it’s “the fuzz”. Here common goldfish goes into further detail:

“…the feeling that led me to change career paths and pursue my passion in music. We only lead one life, Feel the Fuzz is about helping people see that they should value their experiences over materials and not always seek the easy options in life.”

As for who common goldfish is, he’s a Tottenham-based musician and producer inspired by the 90s and skate culture, and he’s also known as a producer under the name J Love. Since this is his first release as a solo artist, we’ll be watching this space to see where these new wave lines will lead!

You can also listen to ‘Feel The Fuzz’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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