Insatiable grooves and positive feels come through Broxton’s new ‘Caught Up’

Sitting down to share my thoughts and feelings about Broxton‘s song ‘Caught Up’ has been quite the challenge. That’s not because we don’t like it, in fact it’s entirely the opposite reason, we can’t get enough of it, but everything we click play, there’s the strange coincidence where we have to get up out of that seat and go dance. It’s not our fault, it’s these damn fine, funky rhythms.

As you might glean from the track’s open lyrics, such as “if we just stay together, we can never be under that pressure, and just embrace that climb”, this song is about finding strength in our relationships and support networks. It’s amazing what you can acheive with the right person or people around you.

Like Broxton himself states: “The song is about getting caught up in hard situations and climbing out the other side with positive thoughts and motives.”

The Tasmanian artist Tim Broxton is also fresh off the back of a recent full-length record, but he still took his time crafting the undulating bass groove and earwormy melodies of ‘Caught Up’. In fact, it took him four months and many alternative versions to final land on the copacetic version that we have now.

If you’re liking what you hear, then why not dig into that back catalog and go listen to Broxton‘s aforementioned Joyride LP.

You can find ‘Caught Up’ in our Soul & Grooves playlist.

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