‘Deception’ is the multi-layered twisted love story from the enquiring mind of Hannah Reem

Sounding like the bluesy counterpart to fellow British musician She Drew The Gun, we’ve been absolutely captivated by Hannah Reem and her new single ‘Deception’. It’s a multi-layered affair that combines minimalist R&B, spoken word, bluesy crescendos and soulful vocals in order to portray the twisted love story that sits at the heart of this luxurious track.

With that same “I’m a survivor!” sentiment, Reem shares that “I’ve felt fury and been forced to lose, I’ve been homeless and broke, felt like a joke, and cheated on by those that I choose. BUT I’ll GET THROUGH.”

Sandwiching the dreamy orchestration and powerhouse vocals, Reem delivers food-for-thought spoken word pieces, that showcases this emerging artist’s talented for thought-provoking and original lyrical content.

‘Deception’ is Hannah Reem‘s fifth single released with Mayfield Records Ltd (MRL) and her second collaboration with MRL producer Noodle Beard.

Discover ‘Deception’ and many more in our Soul & Grooves playlist.

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