Progressive, feminist rock is AstroModa’s riotous ‘Leave Me Alone’

‘Leave Me Alone’ is the riotous call-to-action for greater safety for womxn in public spaces, where abuse and harassment is all too often taken as a given, especially by the boys’ club of law makers and enforcers. Instead sister duo AstroModa are taking matters into their own hand with their direction and unquestionably middle-finger to those who seeks to take advantage of womxn. This prog-rock and hairy metal inspired sound in completed with an earwormy, melodic chorus which, unsurprisingly, has “no, no, no, leave me alone” as it’s central lyric.

This single is actually the first one that sisters Veronica and Jessica Pal have worked on together and we very much look forward to hearing more of their progressive, feminist rock in the near future.

You can also listen to ‘Leave Me Alone’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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