Listen to Mastergrief’s new single ‘Fey’, from upcoming debut album

From the picturesque city of Basel in Switzerland, Mastergrief is a band that’s becoming increasingly known for their sensitive indie-rock the world over. Now, they’ve reached our ears for the very first time thanks to the startlingly emotional ‘Fey’, the title-track of their upcoming album.

While the band defines ‘Fey’ as somewhere between enraptured, wondrous and doomed, we believe that the song’s power lies in its mystery. The vague messages of doubt and depression are wrapped up in horizonless roads and unknown directions; it’s as though the band unfolds the song itself without really knowing the point of it. Sure, it’s well constructed with the prog-rock guitar refrains and carefully placed percussion, but it’s not grounded either. Much like the lead singer’s searching and sometimes formless vocals, ‘Fey’ floats above the constraints of reality.

One thing we do know for sure is that Mastergrief‘s debut album will be out on April 15th, so perhaps all things will become clear then.

You can also listen to ‘Fey’ in our Indie Rockers and Outsiders Club playlists.

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