Dublin rapper Aaron Lawlor debuts 90s-inspired ‘Smooch Smooch Kiss’

Blending circular backbeats with his overtly confident flow, rapper Aaron Lawlor presents his view of being young and maybe a bit dumb in Ireland via new single ‘Smooch Smooch Kiss’. As you’ll hear throughout this bopping 90s hip-hop track, Lawlor gets himself into hot water for kissing another guy’s girlfriend (not that women are owned by anyone, just to caveat), but he takes in all in his humorous stride. His sound sits somewhere in between the indomitable J Dilla and the ever-relevant Rex Orange County, but Lawlor draws on the unique colloquialisms and recognisable accent of Dublin areas Swords and Smithfield.

Here, the young artist reflects on where ‘Smooch Smooch Kiss’ came from:

“This song to me is about many things. I remember writing it in my room after coming back from a party at like 2 in the morning. I got the idea from the hook from the party as there was a girl there that I liked and I was too nervous and couldn’t get my feelings through… The other part of the hook is a Steve Irwin reference which is a reference to my childhood; I remember my Dad used to always rinse my brain with nature documentaries and stuff like that. I remember he used to have this red book filled with animals and stuff about them. He used to read me this before I went to bed at a young age, so I had to shout out Steve as he’s a legend to me!”

You can also find ‘Smooch Smooch Kiss’ and many more unearthed gems in our Hip, Hop & More.

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