‘Over IT’ is Stacey Dineen’s folksy pop heartbreak anthem for moving on

Irish singer-songwriter Stacey Dineen has shared her sophomore single ‘Over IT’, continuing her series of heartbreak stories following on from the sincere ‘Ghost Of You’. As she shares, this second track is “about being over the hurt but not the person, while trying to move on.”

This new release showcases Dineen‘s emotive and folksy vocals over a delicately plucked acoustic guitar in the introduction. However, it’s clear that as the song progresses, the singer comes more out of her shell, breaking away from the damage of heartbreak to express joy once again. This is done with a sudden burst of pop synths and commercial production that’s just begging for some radio play.

It’s an honest and unassuming pop gem from someone at the very start of her promising career.

Discover ‘Over IT‘ and plenty more gems in our Folk This Way playlist.

Where to find Stacey Dineen:




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