Find the love feeling in Single Ruin’s alt-electro-pop single’cloud.nine’

A common phrase in the English language to express pure elation is to say “I’m on cloud nine”, referring to some heavenly state of being. This is the imagery that Brighton musician Single Ruin has put the the centre of his latest foray into electronic-pop experimentalism in the form of the aptly named ‘cloud.nine’.

Speaking about the new release, Single Ruin shares, ”cloud.nine is all about falling in love with someone and realising how everything is better with that person in your life. “No need to say it back, I love you”, the first sentence of the song perfectly introduces and describes the sentiment of this song.

The track itself in an intense two and a half minutes of Jack Steadman-esque voals mixed in with the instrumental dexterity akin to Everything Everything’s Go To Heaven. These layers of buoyant drums, looped backing vocals, sparkling synths and an insatiable bass line mirrors the all encompassing feeling of being in love. At some points the instrumentation swells into a frenzy, complementing the uncontrollable nature of our emotions. ‘cloud.nine’ reminds us that we’re simply at the mercy of our hearts.

Check out ‘cloud.nine’ and more outlying gems in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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