‘Love Child’ is the noir-pop tale of toxic friendship from Freya Beer

There’s a certain sting to being betrayed by a friend – it’s harder to understand than hurt in a romance and not so easy to forgive as with a family member. These kinds of relationships are conditional and our actions can have major ripple effects. The person who decided to cross the path of London musician Freya Beer probably didn’t expect that the consequence would be a biting pop-rock single. The title is ‘Love Child’, an ironic name considering the lack of love that is wrapped up in the smoldering remains of this former friendship.

Beer dictates plenty of clever wordplay that transforms the betrayer into a “thorn in my back”, “no where near a saint” and “serpentine”. The latter (especially when paired with the very real snake in the music video) brings to mind the religious analogy of Eve and the snake, perhaps a little harsh, but when set in the gothy noir-pop soundscape of ‘Love Child’, it makes perfect sense.

Check out the official ‘Love Child’ video, directed by George Mills and produced by Say Goodnight Films, below.

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