R&B newcomer simply gives ‘no fcks’ on twilight trap track

Maddie Park adds to a string of sensational women in music today, although repping to R&B side of things. This unmissable talent recently released ‘no fcks’, a vibey, late-night-drive worthy track that embraces the unknown twists and turns of life from the perspective of a hopeful twenty-something. Through her repeated mantra “no fucks, just feelings”, this Los Angeles newcomer actively shakes off life’s stressors and opts for her self-directed initiative.

In her own words, Maddie Park shares:

“‘no fcks’ is the musing of a twenty something who is deeply afraid that life is passing her by. I wrote
this song as an acknowledgement that I have absolutely nothing figured out and no idea what will
happen next—all I can do is let go. ‘no fcks’ is my entrance into an atmospheric pop r&b space,
striking a delicate sonic balance between bouncy and moody, dark and soothing.”

She really strikes it on the head with that last description. This isn’t the kind of R&B for blasting out in the middle of the day, this is the slinky kind for those twilight hours, complete with intricate trap beats and Park‘s flawless, dynamic vocals. So without further ado, forget the stressful week and give ‘no fcks’.

Listen to ‘no fcks’ and plenty more gems in our R&B For Days playlist.

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