Introducing Holmes with unforgettable indie rock-pop debut ‘If It Was Up To Me’

If It Was Up To Me’ is the debut single from Guildford-based newcomer Holmes who set out to create “music that people can lose themselves in and this is only the start.” He’s certainly achieved that ambitious goal with this compelling indie rock-pop tune which is crammed full of sing-a-long lyrics and earwormy pop hooks. From the outset, we’re drawn into the carefully crafted universe of Holmes, whose clarified vocal over gentle synth keys sets the scene, “half past five, I’m on your mind again”. Suddenly, the track bursts in activity with punching drums, synth spikes and intense rocky guitars, which gives real depth to this radio-ready anthem. There’s even a classy math-rock breakdown around the two minute mark before ‘If It Was Up To Me’ launches into its final untamed effort. We’re led out on a wave of retaliating guitars and thunderous drums.

As for the deeper meaning behind the song, it’s fairly obvious that it’s one of love, but it’s also not simple. We’re hearing from one side of two lovers in denial; they’re pulling away from a blossoming romance, but all signs in ‘If It Was Up To Me’ point to this being a futile endeavour. Our need for resolution isn’t met, because Holmes leaves us hanging on a cliff. We guess, we’ll just have to wait here until the second single.

We’ve added ‘If It Was Up To Me’ to our Indie Rockers playlist here.

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