Golden Vessel’s indie bedroom-pop track ‘pocket full of rocks’ feat. Mallrat and Emerson Leif

Standing at the forefront of Australia’s indie music scene, Golden Vessel often invites along equally talented names to his sublimely quirksome tracks as is the case with ‘pockets full of rocks’. On this swirly, bedroom-pop tune you’ll find the familiar presence of Mallrat and Emerson Leif, whose respective contributions of apathetic-sounding, yet keen-eyed perspective and an unintentional, but ideal recording define this song.

Here, Golden Vessel sheds some light on the unique journey that this collaborative song made:

“pockets full of rocks’ started as an idea between Grace (Mallrat) and myself. It was sort of a half-idea that didn’t really have a home for a while. Grace and I have a joke that I always take the scraps/half-ideas from our sessions together and turn them into Golden Vessel songs, just like taking the wilted vegetables in the bottom of the fridge and turning them into dinner. That’s how our songs ‘little bit wild’ & ‘forever’ came together as well. I feel I just really like collaging ideas together and Grace always leaves me with the nicest ideas to run with.I knew I had to pair this particular idea with something great to be able to turn it into a full song. I found those Emerson Leif vocals on my laptop from a session we did together almost 3 years ago and as soon as I cut the two parts together, I had such a big moment of clarity for the whole album and direction the project was heading in.”

The fatalist motif at the heart of ‘pocket full of rocks’ reminds us of Virginia Woolf’s tragic taking of her own life and life-long struggle with mental health. This image does in fact relate to the topic of the song, which the Brisbane artist elaborates on here:

“After combining Grace & Emerson’s parts together I realised that they told a story of two people trying tomake a relationship work whilst also struggling with mental health. The meaning of the pockets full of rocks felt very timely with some personal things that I was going through and also everyone being isolated over the last two years.”

‘pocket full of rocks’ is the latest addition to Golden Vessel’s upcoming record everythingeverydayeverything, which is scheduled for release in June this year.

You can find ‘pocket full of rocks’ in the Outsiders Club playlist.

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