Couvo’s questioning ‘How It’s Always Gonna Go’ is a rock-pop rage against the daily grind

Here’s some soft, melodic indie-rock to feed your soul from Brooklyn’s standout songwriter Couvo (aka Josh Couvares) who is treating our little mid-00s nostalgic selves with ‘How It’s Always Gonna Go’. It’s one of those songs that pivots around late-night angst and a rhetorical questions that no matter how many times they’re asked, always go unanswered. Like many good songs of the genre, it perfectly encapsulating the mood of restlessness, giving us hope through a stirring indie-pop hook and energy through sing-along lyrics.

For anyone familiar with Couvo‘s work, you might also clock that the theme of struggle found in ‘How It’s Always Gonna Go’ is an extension of his last album, The Drinks Are Always Free in Purgatory, which denotes the endless grind of our everyday lives. Somewhere along the way, most of us get stuck in a cycle of behaviour that no one truly wanted in the first place, but we whisk away our inner concerns by saying “that’s life” with an exhausted shrug. Yet, there may just come a breaking point, and that’s what we hear into this new chapter, not only hinted by the repeated question but also introspective lines like “do you ever sick sick of this? I never thought that this was all there was…”

In spite of the dull realities that life can offer, this song, with its major chord transitions, grooving bass and upbeat percussion, is for those listeners who haven’t given in or given up. Whether bored, frustrated or just plain over it, ‘How It’s Always Gonna Go’ is the rallying cry to do something about any situation you’re not happy with right now.

Check out ‘How It’s Always Gonna Go’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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