Sharnelle McLean’s ‘Little Girl’ is a positive message for all those who need to hear it

Our second treat of the day comes from Sharnelle McLean, the passionate singer-songwriter hailing from London. Her songs often have an uplifting and empowering message at its core, as you’ll hear in previous release ‘Your Crown’, and that very much applies to her newest single ‘Little Girl’.

Through the beat-driven track, McLean incorporates positive affirmations to an imagine younger girl, which can be taken quite literally or more symbolically as speaking to the listener’s inner child. We don’t all have a wiser and older role model to turn to for advice and so this intuitive songwriter has taken to her platform to be that for whoever might stumble upon ‘Little Girl’.

The other side of this coin is of course the sonic element, which strike the ear as a dynamic patterning of electro beats and shining synths, blending with radio-friendly pop melodies and gospel choir backing. From what we’ve heard, this style is McLean‘s signature in the making, derived from her experimental approach to taking hip-hop and R&B drum beats, then mixing those with orchestral instruments and choirs.

‘Little Girl’ is set to feature on Sharnelle McLean‘s upcoming Beyond The Shell EP with a live band at London’s Wembley Stadium. If you happen to be in town, come through, and if not, keep watching this space!

Listen to ‘Little Girl’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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