SINNAH’s funky indie-pop track ‘Good Night’ takes us through emotional growth

SINNAH makes her introduction into the ambient soundscape of her new single ‘Good Night’ with the rhythmic opening line, “Wish that I could tell you how I feel, but I guess it’s too much.” From the very start, we’re brought into the introspective and thoughtful world of the artist’s inner emotions, which she navigates in the way that many of us do – hide, cover up, ignore, evade and push down. However, as this vibrant, funky pop song progresses, SINNAH encourages herself and the listener to open up until we reach the revelation that “when you love someone, you let them know.”

This contrast of emotional states is executed with an immense sense of positivity thanks to the dance-worthy beat pattern akin to funk legends Daft Punk and the welcoming indie-pop melodies that follows the flow of SINNAH‘s sincere voice reminiscent of Taylor Swift.

‘Good Night’ also features on the artist’s Exist Loud EP. As SINNAH says of the song:

“This is my favorite song on the EP ´cause it contains that oh so relatable – feeling about not wanting to be needy or clingy but still, you need attention and confirmation that things are going somewhere in the relationship.”

Listen to ‘Good Night’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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