Australian newcomer Huyen shares ambient electronica single ‘ilysm’

It’s a truth universally known that Australians knock it out of the park when it comes to electronic music and so it should come as no surprise that this serene new track is from a Melbourne native. Off the back of her debut single ‘Can’t Trust’, Huyen delivers follow up ‘ilysm‘ (co-written with Christopher Nicolaou), a euphoric pop-leaning farewell to a romantic chapter in her life.

Here, Huyen reflects on the emotional vulnerable sophomore single:

“Writing this song came with so much clarity, it let me understand where my boundaries were when it came to my relationship. You can’t give someone absolutely everything, even though you love them because you’ll have no love for yourself.”

While not quite minimalist due to its full sound, ‘ilysm’ is fairly simple in its construction, with really allows the easy flow of those aqueous beats and emphasises the glassine quality to Huyen‘s voice. Floating over that sonic ambience are those heartfelt words, “Take it all, I’ve got nothing left to give you. Caught up in your storm, now I’m drowning in your river. Counting all my steps, trying to disconnect you. Losing all my breath…” Even the slightly breathy tone to that artist’s vocals makes the listener’s experience even more real, while also being seamlessly locked in to the bubbling networks of beats and synths.

It’s clear from the meditative mode of ‘ilysm’ that this song has been part of the emotional healing process for Huyen and now she’s passing along some of that positive energy to future listeners.

Check out ‘ilysm’ in our Electro Feels playlist.

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