Feminist alt-pop artist AMAVA dismantles the ‘Muse’

Today, we’re incredibly pleased to welcome AMAVA back to Unrecorded with her new bombastic single ‘Muse’ which arrives ten months after ‘Jungle’, the track that first landed Nashville-based artist on our radar.

What we find so exciting about this artist is the clear lineage that she derives from iconic women in music, like long-standing fan favourites Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears and Norah Jones through to newer entries into the pop pantheon Charli XCX, Phoebe Bridgers and Lorde. This is a key aspect to AMAVA‘s feminist approach to music, which is arguably at its most potent in ‘Muse’.

The 25-year-old artist’s directive here is to challenge the concept of being someone else’s muse and how our self-worth can be impacted by how another views us, and so ‘Muse’ is all about taking back your power. It brings to mind to apocryphal portrayal of Penny Lane in the 2000 film Almost Famous, in which the ill-fated and self-described muse looses her sense of identity due to such a situation. In music in particular, this topic is still prevalent today.

In a way ‘Muse’ follows that similar development of a “dream girl” who performs for another’s gaze, but feeling herself “used”, she comes to the revelation that she doesn’t want to be “your muse”. It’s through this synth-forward and trap-underpinned bubbling pop anthem that we can all feel equally empowered. The contrasting textures of AMAVA‘s breathy but confident vocals and the hard-hitting alt-pop production elevates this track to something you can really engage with. No passive listening here!

You can also listen to ‘Muse’ in our Shades of Pop and Electro Feels playlists.

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