L.A. newcomer Kid Koi deliver off-kilter indie-pop in ‘Those Kinda Days’

Los Angeles based musician Kid Koi started releasing music last year with debut song ‘Can’t Help Myself’, but we think that this newcomer has really hit his stride with his recent 2022 release series. The third of these tracks is ‘Those Kinda Days’, the offbeat indie affair in the vein of Rex Orange County and Omar Apollo.

The track immediately opens with warm vibes of an analog production, shuffling guitar melody and a buoyant bass line, which then introduces Kid Koi‘s youthful and rhythmic voice. In his sing-speak style, he narrates one of those days when things just seem to go from weird to bad to worse. His placid vocal contrasts to the upbeat backdrop, to emphasise the surrender to the world on that given day.

After the halfway point in the song, Kid Koi introduces a hint of his blues background with slower tempo and sweeping textures in which the artist shows off his vocal dynamism. While we rode the groove of the track all the way to the end, we also noticed the various subtle ups and downs hinting towards the turbulent rollercoaster of this thing we call life.

You can also listen to ‘Those Kinda Days’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

Where to find Kid Koi:



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