Perth-based R&B artist Boyboy drops laidback number ‘Certified Lover Boy’

Australia just keeps serving up those musical goodies and we’re always surprised by the wide-range of genres; just this week we’ve had everything from rock to country to pop and now we’re diving into a delectable slice of R&B. ‘Certified Lover Boy’ is the newest smooth track from Perth’s Boyboy, the rising talent who seeks to combine contemporary styles with cutting-edge sounds in a way that represents the best of the genre in the country.

Produced by British collaborator Skeyez, ‘Certified Lover Boy’ utilises minimalist beat-work and dreamy piano to create a laidback atmosphere over which Boyboy‘s smooth and relaxed voice melodically lays out positive affirmations. There’s no denying that the artist is a lover not a fighter.

On a deeper level, this track is a reflection of Boyboy‘s individual experience of the music industry, that fellow creatives will no doubt be able to relate to. As he explains:

“Certified Lover Boy to me is about being humble. Through the praise you may get during a career in the music industry to the bad times. Accepting that there is always something to learn and always space to grow in whatever you do.”

Whether you’re cruising in your car or sipping that morning coffee, ‘Certified Lover Boy’ is our certified soundtrack.

You can also check out ‘Certified Lover Boy’ in our R&B For Days playlist.

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