Australian singer-songwriter transports us to Oz with cheery acoustic single ‘Dorothy’

Hailing from Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Darcy Kate is the promising singer-songwriter whose previous releases ‘Runaway’ and ‘Songbird’ has been supported by Double J, KIX FM and many more radio stations from her home country. Picking up where she left off, newest release ‘Dorothy’ is another cheerful track fronted by an acoustic guitar in major key and the artist’s bright vocal.

The inspiration for this radio-ready single sits just below the surface and possibly along a yellow brick road (as hinted at in the artwork), which of course is the all-time classic movie The Wizard of Oz. Kate‘s musical take on the film draws parallels to Oz’s closing scene when the main character Dorothy thanks her new-found friends to getting her through the dizzying adventure. This comes through in the songwriter’s poignant lyrics, such as, “if not for friendship, I’m not sure where I’d be, through all these illusions, you’ve been looking out for me.”

Darcy Kate‘s americana-ified vocals transport the listener to those luscious cornfields of Kansas as a happy resolution to the end of the story that has brought inspiration to many over it’s nearly 100 year history. Despite all of this, the Australian artist leaves her own mark with this fresh, youthful and summery single.

You can also listen to ‘Dorothy’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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