‘Born To Chase The Sun’ is the cosmic & funky second single from Plymouth’s Silverlux

For fans of Karen O or Danger Mouse, let us introduce you to the cosmic duo Silverlux. Composed of Clive Mead (PhD student and lecturer) and Adele Moore (a full-time mum); these two from drastically different places in life were introduced to each other by a mutual friend who must have had an intuition that in a common ground of music, they’d find a magical connection. Recorded at Mead‘s home studio in Plymouth, the pair follow up their folksy debut single ‘Two Moons’ with sophomore song ‘Born To Chase The Sun’.

It’s a meditative listen with astral 80s synths and 70s guitar-rock undertones, plus not forgetting that head-bopping funky bass line that ties everything together. Overall, the layered textures and downtempo pace reflect the steady, slow and inevitable passing of time which eerily hangs over each of our own mortal existences.

The band explains the relationship between this finite theme and their song:

“The song is about getting older and realising that life is passing you by. Basically, waking up one day and realising that life has stopped giving you things and has started taking them away.”

‘Born To Chase The Sun’ is a poignant and expansive listen, one that takes the downtempo lounge style and splits it apart into territories of extraterrestrial synths and earthy strings. It lingers somewhere between the sky and land; the gossamer lines of meaning pulling the listener further and further in.

You can also listen to ‘Born To Chase The Sun’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

Where to find Silverlux:



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