Powerhouse singer-songwriter Meagan De Lima shares sweet single ‘Queen’


This new music Friday is keeping us as busy as ever with another new find from Toronto’s impressive R&B scene! Meagan De Lima is an increasingly well-known name in Ontario thanks to career highlights such as  performing for President Barack Obama, at the Invictus Games, and at Canadian Music Week, opening for Kehlani with the group TRP.P at Pride Festival. Film fans will also like to know that De Lima had a role as an actor, composer and performer (talk about triple-threat!) in feature film Learn to Swim (2021).

Since we’re all about new music here at Unrecorded, we’d like to shine a light on Meagan De Lima‘s most recent single ‘Queen’, which shows off those pipes, her songwriting ability and what we can expect from the artist in the near future – we hope so anyways!

As you’ll hear in the stream below, ‘Queen’ is a pleasing pledge from daughter to mother in that sweet intersection between R&B and soul with a complimentary scoop of pop in there for good measure. De Lima‘s powerhouse voice delivers so many sing-a-long moments, like “no one could ever love me as much as the love I get from queen.” The down to earth rhythms and silky-smooth grooves enhance this warming listen, which comes straight from the heart.

“I love my mom. I made this song to shine a light on her heart, and the ferocity and resiliency that makes her march to the beat of her own drum. My mom not only inspires me as a passionate mother of three and a South Asian immigrant to Canada but also because of the mountains she’s climbed later in life, too. She is a breast cancer survivor, played a support role to my father when he was diagnosed a year later, and so much more. I am grateful to have had her to look up to not only as a mom but as a best friend and role model to lean on when times got tough. I want to dedicate this song not only to her but to the dynamic and fierce people we all have in our lives that inspire us and show us what genuine love and strength are made of.”

You can also listen to ‘Queen’ in our R&B For Days playlist.

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