Dublin’s six-piece outfit BIG LOVE share cathartic alt-rock single & video ‘SIRENS’

Our second visual treat of the day comes from Ireland’s most promising new band BIG LOVE. ‘SIRENS’ is the six-piece outfits third single and it’s already setting them out as a highly-polished and confident band reminiscent of War On Drugs and Wolf Alice. Their atmospheric indie-rock style almost escapes verbal description, because it so much more innate than that.

‘SIRENS’ captures the gut-wrenching pull of emotion; a swirling mess of anxiety, adrenaline, sorrow and pain. The guitars and drums ricochet off one another like the untamed sea hitting the shore, while the compelling lead vocals walk the line between solemn reflection and unbridled angst.

Speaking on behalf of the band, lead artist Cian Ó Maonlaí says of the song:

“Sirens is my first hand depiction of a traumatic experience that happened to me in a chaotic period in my life. I was getting in a lot of trouble at the time and the event felt like the culmination of years of anger and frustration bottled into one night. The song is an attempt to describe the events of that night, its language and structure reflect how I felt at different times throughout. Moments of pure calm turn to rage and violence and then back again. For me the song is written in the form of a diary entry. Writing it all out in this way proved really cathartic and I believe it was necessary for me to get out like this.”

Cathartic certainly is the word for it.

You can also listen to ‘SIRENS’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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