CAPYAC just wanna have a good time with their funky disco-dance single ‘GOODTIME’

If you’re feeling a little low today (or any day really) then we have just the musical remedy for you from the Los Angeles outfit CAPYAC. The magical duo of P. Sugz (Eric Peana) and Potion (Delwin Campbell) deliver another one of their signature crossover tracks, with the perfectly fitting title ‘GOODTIME’.

This is the pair’s first studio release since their 2021 debut album, CAPYAC FOREVER, and it’s also coincidentally the first time they’re being featured here on Unrecorded. Plenty of firsts and so it’s suiting that this track ‘GOODTIME‘ is full of the youthful, optimistic and untainted energy of all things new. They combine Daft Punk-esque disco goodness, classic funk rhythms, synth-pop moments akin to Jungle, and all wrapped up in a timeless production. It’s an incredibly fun listen that’ll no doubt have anyone dancing with the first few bouncing seconds. At points, it’s almost like we’ve been dropped directly on the dancefloor where we’re surrounded by P. Sugz, Potion and all of their joyful friends.

On the new single, the duo say: “There’s not much to it. It’s a song about having fun with your friends on a slippery dance floor. We were actually saving it for an upcoming album until we realized we had accidentally written the Song of the Summer 2022. Our friends told us we had to put it out as soon as possible.”

We’re very glad that CAPYAC heeded the wise words of their friends.

Find ‘GOODTIME’ in our Soul & Grooves and Electro Feels playlists.

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