Overthinking & insatiable synth-pop come together in The Ivy’s ‘Too Much’

The first reaction we had to The Ivy‘s new single ‘Too Much’ was a sure and simple “wow”, and that was quickly followed up by the instinct to hit play on this incredibly addictive synth-pop listen. This Oklahoma-based indie pop duo has been releasing music since 2017 and over those years, they’ve seemingly gone from strength to strength. You can tell from the slick and syncopated sound of ‘Too Much’ that this pair have worked diligently at their craft and can now produce these effortless productions.

Fortunately, we get to hear about the creative process behind the track straight from The Ivy, as they tell us: “‘Too Much’ started with just a drum loop and bass line. The pocket felt so good, that it made the song easy and enjoyable to write. We wrote it alongside production duo SameSame (Rob Cohen, Blake Mares) who helped us hone the feel and sound of the track.”

What might surprise listeners is that beneath the feel-good rhythm and harmonious melodies of this buoyant track is an unhealthy habit, as the band explain: “The idea of overthinking a conversation is a way too real feeling. Because of how relatable that subject was, it made the lyrics come organically.”

However, when you think about (yes, we get how ironic our own overthinking is here) all of the signs are there. You can hear the uncertainty embedded within the soulful lyrics, even from the very opening line, “telling my thoughts to a stranger at the grocery store”. These pressing memories and hyper fixations pick up speed and are carried on the forward-facing tempo of the marching drums and plucked guitars. There’s no clean resolution by the end of ‘Too Much’, but we appreciate the accurate representation of life; it’s not always simple.

Check out ‘Too Much’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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