‘Harry’s Song’ is the touching alt-folk song from Bristol’s talented Ålesund

Surprisingly, we don’t get all that many songs sent to us from Bristol-based musicians, which really is a shame as that city is simply bursting with unique creativity. So, let this be our call for more submission from Bristolians! Until then, we’ll be kept more than happy by ‘Harry’s Song’, the powerful and unpredictable piece of work from Ålesund.

This band have been busy cutting their teeth on the UK touring circuit since the release of their A Thread In The Dark EP last year; a record which really began to define what Ålesund truly represents. This strong character carries on over into their new stand-alone single ‘Harry’s Song’, which combines vivid storytelling and eccentric songwriting to be found in the stunning intersection between alt-folk and indie-rock.

Shrouded in mystery from the very start, we’re presented with frontwoman Alba’s evocative voice which possesses a lovely timbre and velvety tone. It’s her vocal performance that takes centre stage, while supported by a dynamic piano that switches from insistent pulses to delicate melodies. At its more grandiose moments, dramatic violins and galloping percussion join the fray and that’s when the heat really turns up. After five minutes of building tension, all it let loose in a cathartic explosion of guitars riffs, drums crashes and Alba’s powerful projection.

If you’re wondering where all this real and raw emotion came from, then Alba is here to fill the background in:

“Harry’s Song is an incredibly personal track, written nearly 6 years ago in the wake of my
friend’s life threatening accident. It was written about the phone conversation I had with another
friend who told me the news, and then one of our many visits to the hospital to see him. It goes
on the journey of panic and confusion we had for our friend’s life and his future, and our
immense relief to know he’d pull through. It was such a strange time with so many heightened
emotions and strong feelings, I didn’t really know where to put them or what to do with them.
Channelling them into song, seemed like a good way to process it all.”

You can also listen to ‘Harry’s Song’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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