MNERVA delivers alt rock crossover single ‘Sorry (Forget About Me)’


Introducing MNERVA, the Nashville based alt rock artist who’s here to blow our socks off, starting with new single ‘Sorry (Forget About Me)’. A collaborative track with producer Alexander Frieden, Austin Shawn and TikTok star Katie MAC, ‘Sorry’ was originally penned over an R&B based beat, before transforming into the Rock anthem we have been gifted with.

Filtered with nostalgic rhythms and peppered with a refreshing dose of Hip-Hop, ‘Sorry (Forget About Me)’ makes way for a new era for MNERVA, one we’re intrigued to hear more of.

Discussing the new track in detail, MNERVA reveals: “Sorry (Forget About Me) is a song I’ve been trying to get right for seven years. It was originally called “I Went Away” and was about me escaping a toxic relationship by running away to Nashville. The song’s original chorus was centered around the lyric “I just can’t wait til you forget about me” and I always knew I wanted to take that idea and transform it into a new track. But sadly, every time I tried to re-write it over the years, the songs just weren’t good enough and I scrapped the idea until the beginning of last year when I finally made amends with my ex-girlfriend after we cut all contact for half a decade. With this new perspective, Sorry (Forget About Me) came together very quickly!”

Layered with witty lyrical content, authenticity and pumper with energetic production, MNERVA has carved his own path in the Alt music scene with his unique, interesting blend of rock, hip hop, and musical theatre specially formulated into a cohesive, unmistakeable sound. 

Listen to ‘Sorry (Forget About Me)’ below:


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