Harry Mold strikes back with new-age, punk-rock anthem ‘Dogbone’

On those days when you wake up a little more fatigued than usual and your habitual caffeine hit just isn’t doing the job, let us recommend an alternative stimulant to awaken you – Harry Mold‘s new tune ‘Dogbone’. As we write this on an early Friday morning, we know from experience that this new-age punk-rock anthem is better than any strong cup of coffee or hearty cuppa.

We also firmly believe that this single is Harry Mold at his best. Since 2019, the London-based British artist has been steadily upping the ante; moving from Britpop-esque rock numbers (‘Drain’) through to mid-10s rock hits (‘Python’) to more modern mixed-genre rock affairs (‘Vanity Vanity’ & ‘Stresshead’). Although you could tell that at the heart of all of these was a rebellious soul whose hunger could only be satiated with the all-out catharsis of punk. And thus, ‘Dogbone’ has come to the fore.

From the outset, the new track is an exhilarating rollercoaster of aggressive guitars and stomping drums, framed in a new-age style that scales the guitars riffs and adds a little more structure than typical punk recordings. There’s also the unmissable, venomous lyrics that are delivered with Mold‘s unyielding attitude, essential southern English accent and endearing frontmanship. One line that really stands out to us is, “you’re quite the corker in a funny way, and I wish I’d met you on a summer’s day, but for now I think I’ve gotta stay away,” which relates the innate battle between desire and stability.

To shed further light on the story at the core of this song, Mold tells us that, “DOGBONE catches the end of a period of time with person that was exciting and unpredictable but madly intense and explosive. The 2 in the story coming together with a massive rush of desire and lust, almost colliding head on. It was about something that could have worked and been perfect but just didn’t come at the right time and eventually became quite messy.”

Check out ‘Dogbone’ in the stream below and if you’re looking for more tracks in this lane, you can find those in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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