‘i love DANGER’ is the hedonistic grunge-pop anthem from L.A. duo littleDNGR

We love welcoming new faces and sounds to Unrecorded and today you’re in for a right treat from blog first timers littleDNGR. This Los Angeles-based duo have just released ‘i love DANGER’, their angsty alt-rock answer to Bonnie & Clyde’s infamous love affair, with all its risk, pitfalls, thrills and climatic end in tow.

While this is only the outfit’s sophomore release, they kick it off like seasoned pros with an impressive stop-start rhythm that instantly puts the listener in an adrenaline-induced mind state. It’s not surprising that this first impression of littleDGNR is one of high professionalism, as the duo is made up of  Grammy and Oscar nominated songwriters, Joshua Bartholomew and Lisa Harriton. Evidently, these two know a thing or two about making music that grips the listener by their ears and refuses to let go.

Now, let’s get into ‘i love DANGER’ a little deeper. Every biting lyric delivered by both Bartholomew and Harriton exudes that L.A. cool, complete with sensual “uh-huhs” and bombastic calls for more “danger!” The instrumentation meanwhile is built on a ticking drums and a deep bass groove, which is every now and then struck like lightening by a series of whipped electro beats. We slink through the repeated elements for around two minutes, before a hazy breakdown takes us briefly away from the hedonistic grunge-pop chorus.

For around forty seconds we’re lost in a daze after several doses of that littleDNGR sound, but you should have room for one more “gigantic” hit. The crescendo-like outro for this track is simply made for jumping and dancing around while joyfully shouting “hey!” at the top of your lungs. I mean, who doesn’t love a track that gives you an excuse to do both of these?!

Check out the official lyric video for ‘i love DANGER‘ below, directed and filmed by the talented band themselves.

You can also listen to ‘i love DANGER’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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