Jessica Nicole Brown pushes the boundaries with experimental new single ‘Hoopla la la’

In her new single ‘Hoopla la la’, Jessica Nicole Brown tells the listener that she doesn’t forget, because she’s a Virgo, but if she’d told us that she was a Gemini, we’d also totally believe her. That’s because this bombastic track shows off the sides of JNB‘s dynamic personality. You’ve got the straight-talking rapper akin to Little Simz or Dua Saleh, with the hard-edged production bolstering her cutting lyricism. Then there’s the deceptively sweet singer, whose brief appearing is a stark point of contrast to the rest of the track. The final counterpart to this versatile recording is the punk-rocker with her cathartic “la la la” sing-along moment that’s met with thundering drums and rocking guitars. The energy is undeniable and it’s a testament to the Tennessee artist’s powerful presence, but also a perseverance to bring all these seemingly disconnected parts together.

As JNB herself puts it, “I went through many different drafts, but the constant was the feeling of rage or hatred towards someone who said they loved me… I just imagined it with obnoxious 808s and a rock flair. I also heard it having somewhat of a pop/punk attitude in my delivery. Picture this song being recorded after I was put through hell and now, I’m back to return the favor.”

You can find this experimental track in our Indie Rockers and Outsiders Club playlists, and be sure to give Jessica Nicole Brown a follow to find out what this exciting up-and-comer has for us next.

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