International collaborators Jandry Palms & Dream Powder drop their disco-worthy ‘Everything You Wanted’

For as much as ‘Everything You Wanted’ is a funky summer anthem, you would never guess just how many different musicians, components and even nations have gone into this. This track is the collaboration between Spanish soloist Jandry Palms and Florida-Berlin project Dream Powder.

Originally written by Jandry Palms as something that would make the most out of a boy-girl vocal harmony, it was thanks to the internet and their ambition to make something special that brought about the involvement of Dream Powder. Reminiscent of British disco-makers Patatwawa or art-pop dance troubadours Confidence Man, with a generous injection of Tame Impala psychedelica and a through line of indie-pop sensibilities akin to Foster the People.

With all of these lauded comparisons being thrown about, you can guarantee yourself a good time when listening to ‘Everything You Wanted’, which encourages liberating dance moves with the spectral synths, jovial drums lines, feel-good bass and warm, summery strings. We especially love those quirky moments when the track’s tempo recedes into a slow-motion affair, which allows those loved-up lyrics to come to the fore. After all, it is a love song about young romance in the seemingly endless days of the summer months.

You can also find ‘Everything You Wanted’ in our Soul & Grooves playlist.

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