Nied’s Hotel Band’s ‘Take That Train’ is the rock’n’roll ode to on-the-road life

One of the old tropes of being in a band that still holds true today is the struggle of maintaining a long-distance relationship while on the road. The late nights, the unsociable hours, the unknown connections to phones or the internet, are all considerable obstacles when it comes to keeping that connection on an even-keel. It was something that prevailed for guitarist Tim Hadley back in the 90s when he was working on a music collaboration with Ronda Z. It was then that the rough outline of ‘Take That Train’ came to be, before taking a backseat as the duo when their seperate ways.

Nearly two decades later and the sentiment of ‘Take That Train’ had remained with Hadley, who has now resurrected this classic ode to rocker lifestyle with his new group Nied’s Hotel Band, the Pittsburgh project at the heart of the city’s blue-collar sound. An integral part of completing the song was lead singer John Vento who created this entire narrative based around the timeless image of a train, with its old-school romanticism, especially when set in America’s grand expanse of tracks and lines. His raspy-yet-powerful vocals take the charge while backed up by the bluesy, grassroots soundtrack courtesy of powerhouse drummer Ron Beitle, master of the groove Russ Oblinger on bass, Fred Delu’s rock’n’roll piano flair, unmissable saxophone playing by Ed Jonnet, as well as the dynamic guitarists Tim Hadley and Jim McCullough.

It’s impossible not to have a good time when listening to NHB‘s ‘Take That Train’.

You can also rock along to ‘Take That Train’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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